Happy Endings: Raz

RazHi my name is Raz (formerly known as Snowball). I was in the Tri-County Humane Society from the time I was about 5 weeks old to when my new owner adopted me at about 5.5 months old! As you can see I only have one eye, but that doesn't make me any different from cats with two eyes (besides that I run into things a little more)! I love my new house, I live with two other cats, and two dogs too, so there is never a dull moment around here. I love to be at my owners ankles all of the time and I also love to get my belly scratched and watch everything outside while I sit on the windowsill in the kitchen! I'm into everything, and my absolute favorite hobby is playing in the water bowls, but I can't help myself, it's just so fun!!

Happy Endings: Marley

MarleyDear Tri-County Humane Society,

We recently adopted Marley. We would just like to thank you for blessing us with such an amazing, wonderful, and talented dog. He has warmed our hearts and continues to surprise us each and every day with his love and compassion. We believe that getting Marley is a gift from all the hard work that our family has put into fostering dogs from the Tri-County Humane Society.

Marley has been an absolute joy to our family, and has taught us so much. Jeff was recently named the new manager of the Pine Ridge Golf Course in Sartell, and he is able to bring Marley to the course every day. Marley has been named the “Goose Dog” and has been hired to make sure the geese stay off of the golf course! Marley loves being outdoors, and is a great jogging partner. He is super friendly to other dogs, and people. Marley is also a lap-loving daddy’s boy! He has made our family complete!

Thank you so much again!!

~ Abbie, Jeff and Marley

Happy Endings: Bandit

BANDIT before after smHappy birthday to Bethany L., who received Bandit as a birthday gift!

*And special thanks to MSB for giving him a much needed grooming!

Happy Endings: Bob

Bob has adjusted very well to our family. He's funny, loving and very playful. He really is a good boy. He will never know what it is to be hungry, cold or ever a harsh hand. He's family now!  Yes the Christmas tree is still standing and in one piece :).

bob bob 2

Thanks for all you do. Merry Christmas to you all.

~ Deb

Happy Endings: Arf

my home sweet homeArf Update - almost two weeks at my new pad:

In dog lore passed on at the Humane Society, I had heard of places like my new home, and we dogs all hope and dream that is where our new homes will be.  To find out that there is actually a home filled with love and caring (and a bed with pillows) just for me, warms my doggy heart.  Plus the bonus of my instant friend Rufus - a soul mate that came out of the same place I did.

I am content.  I am loved.  I am happy.  Sigh....

Love, Arf

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