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2019 and earlier:

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Many of the animals who come to Tri-County Humane Society are happy, healthy and ready to go to a new home.  But sometimes there’s an animal who needs a little more of something beyond temporary shelter – they need some serious TLC.

Tri-County Humane Society opened the Kitty Korner in mid-June, and we’ve since been lucky enough to have more than 200 adoptions completed there! This story features one of those adoptions.

We help animals of all shapes and sizes find homes, and today’s Feel Good Fur-day is the story of two of the smallest recent adoptees, a pair of gerbils!

This is a submission from a family who has adopted from TCHS multiple times – and most recently found not one but two purr-fect additions.

We’re grateful to be able to share a one-year update on Marty, a Lab mix who came to us in October 2018.

Here is the story of a black cat who turned out to be very lucky indeed! This 2-year-old kitty came in as a stray. (That’s just the beginning of his luck!) We named him “Clyde.” Clyde was adopted a little more than a week later; they renamed him Phoenix.

We’re proud to share the story of a family who found their “perfect dog” at Tri-County Humane Society! Riley, a 6-year-old Lab mix, who was an outdoor dog, quickly became a favorite of staff and volunteers. 

This story is about one cool cat who has found a best friend! Orchid came in early June as a stray. The beautiful blue-eyed cat was adopted shortly afterward, but that didn’t work out, so she was returned. She didn’t stay long – she met her new family three days later, and it’s going wonderfully. Orchid’s name is now Pancake.

Tri-County Humane Society adopts out more than cats and dogs, of course, even though they’re our most popular pets in terms of numbers. The “different” animals also capture their adopters’ hearts, too!

This is a tale of a kitten who, thanks to one of our veterinarians, got a new chance at life – and thanks to his adopters, got a loving home!

Dear Tri-County Humane Society:

I want to thank you for saving as many animals as you can. I adopted a rabbit from you guys about three years ago and unfortunately he passed away July 17, 2019, and he was loved for many years..

Who says cats and dogs can’t be the best of friends? Not the adopters of Winston. Winston was adopted the beginning of September. 

This is a a story about a big dog who turned out to have an even bigger heart! Captain, a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix, came to us in March; he was quickly adopted, and it turned out to be an awesome fit!

Our foster volunteers provide the home and the love for animals not quite ready for adoption for one reason or another. The role is supposed to be temporary, but it doesn’t always work out that way!

Some animals take a few times in the shelter before they find their right fit. This story is about a dog who was a client for no fewer than six times over the course of four years before she met just the right family!

Here is a story of a kitty who not only found a new family, but a new feline friend!

A stray cat estimated to be about 2 years old arrived in late November; staff named him Amil. Amil was adopted about a month later; he’s now “Rambo.”

Vinny (now Zeus) was transferred to us from Leech Lake Legacy in March of 2019 and only spent 3 short days with us before he found his new family.

Sometimes Tri-County Humane Society animals don’t get just one new beginning; they get multiple new beginnings! Such is the case with Niko AKA Frasier.

Kayla came in as part of an unplanned litter last summer. She was adopted and then returned because she was experiencing some gastrointestinal upset including loose stools and vomiting. We ran a plethora of tests and concluded little Kayla had a parasite called “Coccidia”. She was treated and once that was over and she was cleared for adoption, Kayla found her new family.

On January 8th of 2019, someone found a black cat that looked like he needed some help. They couldn’t keep him, so they brought him to us. They were right, he had a host of medical concerns including but not limited to fleas, ear mites, broken teeth, and sores and swelling on his face. 

Here is a story of a dog who just needed some time - and a chance.

Sequoia, an almost 2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, was very fearful when she came to Tri-County Humane Society earlier this winter; she was particularly nervous around men. TCHS brought in a trainer who volunteered her time to evaluate Sequoia; she assured us that progress could be made.

This story has a sweet ending for a kitty with a sweet name.
Butterscotch, a young adult cat, came in mid-June through our contract with the city of St. Cloud (she arrived with her friend, Buttercup).

On Tuesday, May 14, it will be one year since we adopted Buddy (Pluto). Buddy has brought us love, companion, laughter, and exercise.

Here is another update on the “Brady Bunch”!
In late March, community members in the Luxemburg Township area discovered seven seriously unkempt Shih Tzu dogs. They were brought to Tri-County Humane Society, where they were fixed up by volunteer groomer Shelby.

Here is a story about a kitten who is a good fit for her new family!
Séance came with her five siblings in May as part of an unplanned litter. She spent some time in a foster home to get bigger, and eventually returned to the shelter when she was ready to be spayed and then adopted – which happened in early June.

This story is about a (former) Penny who turned out to be very lucky. Penny originally came to Tri-County Humane Society as a transfer from another rescue.

This is a tale of a kitty who became an Instagram star – at least to one woman! Benson, a beautiful 2-year-old cat, came to Tri-County Humane Society in March through the shelter’s contract with the city of St. Cloud.

This is a story of a dog who has charmed her new family – and she’s keeping them on their toes! Deja is an 8-year-old German Shepherd mix who came to us in late April. She quickly won the hearts of many staff and volunteers.

This is the story of this little (guinea) piggie who went home!

Cutie, a 10-month-old Abyssinian guinea pig, came to Tri-County Humane Society in January. Three months later, this little gal found her new home – and name! (She’s now Samantha.)

Ricky came in with an obvious eye injury. Dr. Lottie determined it was an old corneal perforation that had fully healed with some scarring. No treatment was needed so he was sent to the adoption floor with a prescription for “a new home” which needed filling. 

This update was sent to us in memory of Mako & Nirvana, two dogs adopted from TCHS as puppies who lived happy long lives and brought their people a great deal of joy.

Peanut Butter came in as a stray and was in pretty rough shape. Thumbprint came in with her four kittens after being found by someone who couldn’t keep them. Here is the update sent in by the ones who now love them: 

Bull came to us in the beginning of March because his owners were moving and couldn’t take him along.  He was a whole lot of dog weighing in at 82 pounds of what seemed to be pure muscle.  Bull had a bark as big as his personality making him appear rather intimidating.  Truth is, Bull is a big baby!  He found his new home on April 1st but it was no joke! 

Lucy came to us in February. To say the transition to a new environment stressed her out would be an understatement. Sassy Lucy would have no part of making friends with us when she got here. She’d hiss and swat at anyone who got close to her kennel. It took almost two months, a lot of TLC, and a little medication to win Lucy over. On March 28th, Lucy found her purrfect match. Below is an update from her new family proving that happiness can be found in a new environment.

Today we have a tale of a dog who spent quite a bit of time in the shelter before he found his perfect match. Severus, a retriever mix, was with us for roughly two months before he was adopted in late January.

Here’s a (lovely) story indeed. Tri-County Humane Society (TCHS) had a recent adoption success that shows what can happen when the whole community – staff, volunteers, and well-meaning members of the public – come together.

Larry came to us in February as a stray and he was in pretty rough shape. He was dehydrated, had fleas, ear-mites and multiple infected wounds from cat fights. After a few rounds of fluids, flea medication, deworming, cleaning his wounds and a lot of TLC, we were able to find Larry a wonderful new home to bring happiness to where he can stay indoors being safe and loved. Here’s an update from his new family:

Hera came from another facility after being held for her stray time and never claimed. She only spent about a week at TCHS before her adventure in a new home commenced. Here is an update from her family.

Barrel came to us on October of 2018 as part of a litter that were found as strays.  She was in rough shape; dehydrated, underweight and had a serious injury to her eye.  With medical treatment, surgery to remove her eye and a lot of TLC, she was adopted by her foster family nearly 5 months later.

Baylee came to us in March because her owners realized having a pup was more work than they anticipated. She only spent 2 short days with us before finding her new best friend. This is another example of how, with your help, we’re able to make happiness happen! 

Audio came to us in early January of this year because his previous owner no longer had a home to keep him in. While here, Audio took quite a bit of time to adjust and trust us. He was displaying some guarding behavior in his kennel and was quite unapproachable at first. It took a lot of patience and a little advice from a dog trainer, but Audio was finally cleared for adoption. On February 19th, Audio got a new home and a new name. Here is an update from his new family:

This adoption story comes from Kate Kompas, Volunteer and Events Coordinator at TCHS:

"One of the best things about working at Tri-County Humane Society (TCHS) is that I get to see adoptions happen most days, and sometimes even help write people’s adoption stories to share them with TCHS friends.

From our March 2019 newsletter, another great story that makes you wonder - "Who Rescued Who?"

Zeus came to us last year in August because his previous owners were unable to manage his epilepsy. After some testing and evaluation from our staff veterinarian, we were comfortable finding him a new home to call his own. In all, Zeus was with us for 17 days before hitting the jackpot with his new family. Here’s their update:

Denver came to us in December of 2017 because he didn’t appreciate the company of the dog in his previous home.  He was only with us for 5 short days before finding his new soulmate.  Here’s the update she sent us:

Chunk came to TCHS on January 27th with a transport from a rescue in Tennessee.  He didn't stay with us long.  He found his new family on February 1st!

Kali came to us in January of 2016 because her previous owners lost their home and could no longer care for her.  She spent just over a week with us before finding her new family.  I have attached a photo from her stay at the shelter as well. 

This is a loving tribute to a cat who found his way into his human's life and stayed there for many, many wonderful years. 

Ivie went from kennel kooky to a total cutie in her new home! Ivie came into TCHS in early January because her previous owner moved and couldn’t bring her along.

Kratos came to the shelter at 1.5 years old, he was too high energy for the family to deal with at that time. He was adopted and returned a few days later because he needed more exercise than they could give him.

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