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"This adoption story is about a dog who reminds me a lot of my Abbi. She also pretended to be the coy and quiet type during her 'interview' prior to adoption." Vicki Davis, CAWA

“I adopted Muffin from Tri-County Humane Society in September 2020.  When I first picked her up that day, she was very shy.  I was so excited … and couldn’t wait to bring her home!  On the way home she enjoyed the ride. Muffin loves the outdoors and rides - a true native Minnesotan.  But that wasn’t all she liked to do, Muffin loved to bark! She barked at everything! Cars, people, animals, any sound she would bark. I was scared my apartment building would evict us!  I had to do something quick.  I shut the curtains, turned the fan on, and played some music. Those things helped her a lot. Treats also made progress. Muffy loves going for walks!  She wakes me up every morning when it’s time to go. She looks so proud walking out to the front door to go out!  She’s so intuitive and interested in everything outside. I just love her to pieces, and I am blessed I found her at Tri-County and adopted her.”

With time and patience, Muffin has become a great apartment dweller! And she’s also getting a lot of exercise which helps inspire naptime!

"Beware the man that does not speak and the dog that does not bark" - Native American proverb

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