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Pet Disaster Preparedness  

Get tips on preparing for emergencies, pet first aid, and more courtesy of the American Red Cross. 

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COVID-19 (the coronavirus) and its effects have created unprecedented situations for all of us, in Central Minnesota and around the globe. We know Tri-County Humane Society’s friends are animal lovers (of course), so we wanted to offer some tips on how to prepare in case of an emergency.

Dogs, cat, livestock, and wildlife suffocate in these bags every day, 72% being chip bags. The Bag Vacuum Seals around their face and they can't get it off it only takes 3-5 minutes for them to die and 39% people are home when this happens. More information:

Dealing with Pets During Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies
Dealing with Pets During Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies

It doesn't matter what part of the country you live in. We can all be affected by disasters - whether it's a natural disaster, wildfire, terrorist attack, or hazardous spill. Such emergencies may require a brief or permanent evacuation from your home. This guide will help you navigate through how to prepare for your pet in case disaster strikes. Look here for more:

We never know when a disaster may strike. If you find you are in need of temporary lodging with your pet while on a trip, look here If you are closer to home (St. Cloud area), look here:

Here is a quick reference guide to the more common items and house and garden plants that are toxic to most animals and children.

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