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Pet Suffocation - Chip Bags

"Breezer, my young puppy in training for search and rescue, had his life cut short on Jan. 3rd when he suffocated in a chip bag in the car. We were dropping off my son's teammates and we went inside for only 20 minutes. I was unaware there was a bag of chips in the back seat as my son’s teammates had left it there. When we came out, Breezer had a gotten into a bag of chips, suffocated and died. We tried to resuscitate with CPR without success.

Dogs, cat, livestock, and wildlife suffocate in these bags every day, 72% being chip bags. The Bag Vacuum Seals around their face and they can't get it off it only takes 3-5 minutes for them to die and 39% people are home when this happens.

Many people post videos intended to be funny on YouTube with dogs stuck in chip bags not knowing their dog is asphyxiating. My dog and hundreds of thousands more have died in chip bags. My dog died because I was completely unaware that chip bags posed any suffocation hazard and I have learned also that 95% of people are unaware of this fact."  Kim Ducklow 

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