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Board and Staff

Board & Staff


  • Vicki Davis, CAWA; (320) 252-1325,
    In her role as Executive Director of Tri-County Humane Society, Vicki provides expertise, management skills, and leadership in the implementation of TCHS policies and programs, and to further the mission of TCHS within the limits of the articles of incorporation, by-laws, and policies established by the Board of Directors.
    She provides overall leadership and management of the Society and reports to the Board of Directors. Primary responsibilities include strategic planning implementation, fundraising, budgeting and financial management, staff direction and development, and collaboration with other agencies. The Executive Director supervises key managers and oversees program development and evaluation, operations, finance, marketing, and public relations.
    The Executive Director also serves as the Shelter's Chief Operating Officer.

  • Tauna Quimby, (320) 252-0896 ext. 28,
    When Vicki invited me to write this article, I kept thinking: accomplishments, resume, and skills. What would the generous, talented group of TCHS supporters want to know about me?
    Draft one started: “I have been in non-profit management for more than 20 years.” And then started and stopped a few more times. Is it interesting to know that I’ve volunteered for dozens of organizations, led hundreds of meetings, or created  meaningful connections for mission-critical projects?  Not really.  
    In draft two I took a more personal approach, sharing the connection between my past experiences with pets, work, and hobbies, tying in how all of these experiences prepared me to be here. But “I love animals” probably goes without saying and my passion for crafts, making lefse, and gardening probably strayed too far from my qualifications for being a TCHS employee. Then [likely wondering where the draft was] Vicki blew my mind when she simply said, "Tell them what brought you here."
    Well, that's easy: my heart.
    My heart fills when I connect with others to make the world a better place. The Director of Philanthropy position at TCHS made my heart stir with excitement from the moment I heard about it. Between the great adoption experiences I’ve had here and this organization’s  reputation for excellence, I knew immediately I wanted to be part of this active, alive TCHS family!
    I look forward to hearing YOUR TCHS story and coming up with more ways to strengthen the human- animal bond in the
    Tri-County area.

  • Kate Kompas, (320) 252-0896 ext. 27,
    Volunteers are essential to everything TCHS does. Kate trains and manages nearly 1,000 volunteers, including a team of humane education volunteers.
    TCHS volunteers provide hands-on animal care such as grooming, exercising, and socializing the animals while they wait for their new homes. In addition, volunteers assist with kennel cleaning, general housekeeping, and customer service. Other volunteer opportunities include off-site adoption events, animal photography, office work/data entry, yard work, building maintenance, newsletter mailings, fundraising events, humane education and pet visits at schools and day cares, senior care pet therapy visits, veterinary medicine, and committee work.

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