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Cat & Kitten Tips

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Helping outdoor cats through sterilization and vaccination helps wildlife, too. Although free roaming cats certainly do hunt birds and other small prey, the number one cause of harm to wildlife populations is humans— through habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change. The factors that diminish wildlife populations are complex and there are no simple approaches to help.

Most of Tri-County Humane Society’s supporters know the organization has had a robust cat adoption program for several decades. In 2021, TCHS placed 3,140 cats and kittens into adoptive homes. Some people, however, may not know about the programs available to care for cats who are not pets but rather community cats.

Let’s talk about cats and their litter boxes! While most cats are reliable and consistent with their litter box use from the time they are kittens, some cats will start to have “accidents” and eliminate outside their litter box.

The best thing for everyone involved (cats and people alike!) is to set them up for success right away to prevent litter box issues. Each cat may have its own preferences in regards to their litter box set-up and maintenance, but there are many generally accepted guidelines:

It may be annoying (or damaging to your furniture), but scratching is 100 percent normal for cats!

We love cats. Cute cats, grumpy cats, chonky cats, sassy cats, scaredy cats – all of them. Many people want to care for and help them, especially when they are spotted outdoors and potentially vulnerable.

Bottle Babies 101 is a downloadable .pdf of our presentation covering care of very young kittens. Look for educational presentations like this throughout the year at TCHS! This presentation includes links to videos that will not be live in this format, see the last slide (References) for the links.

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