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Milky, now Cooper

Now, we at Tri-County Humane Society love all of our animal guests equally, but there are definitely a few who stand out and leave paw prints on our hearts. This adoption story is about one of them.

Milky (AKA the Milk Man) was brought to the shelter in early September. The Milk Man looked like he had seen a thing or two, but his sweet nature quickly endeared him to staff and volunteers. Milky tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), which can be spread from cat to cat through saliva, sharing dishes, and possibly litter boxes. Our team knew that Milky would have to be a solo cat due to this or live with other FeLV-positive cats. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait too long to find someone who was interested in him; Milky was adopted by the end of the month. His new name is Cooper, and he’s doing very well.

“He is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. He loves cuddles … he loves to play with all his toys and has discovered a love for the sink, haha. Cooper and my puppy, Sparky, are getting along great. … It’s been amazing having him in our home and all the love he brought with him. We are so excited to continue to give him the happy, healthy life he deserves.”

"A house isn’t a home without the ineffable contentment of a cat with its tail folded about its feet. A cat gives mystery, charm, suggestion." L.M. Montgomery

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