Happy Endings: Elwood

ElwoodI adopted Elwood( formerly known as Arsenal) almost a year ago. My husband and I brought our kids in to see the kitties and puppies, and really didn't have any intention on adopting. But my husband found Elwood and as soon as his cage was opened Elwood jumped into my husbands arms, purring loudly, and just snuggling right in and that's all it took for my husband to fall in love.  Lucky for us you all had a promotion that any cat over 2 was free for military( we are both veterans).

He instantly made himself right at home, very protective over our 1 year old son and is honestly the most laid back and patient cat ever. You would never guess that he is almost 9 years old.

Elwood loves to cuddle and gives kisses if you ask him... My husband often jokes with " who adopted who" because he has become such a great addition to our family, that we can't imagine our lives without him. To make things even better, my mom who lives in a different state has a cat the same age as Elwood and they look like identical twins. How ironic is that?

Happy Endings: Spice


My name is Michelle and I adopted the most wonderful little hairy friend from you guys! I have seen all these wonderful heart filling stories and I wanted to also share my adoption story with everyone. I am such an animal lover for all animal types, and I have had a ferret in the past and have been waiting for the perfect time and ferret time to come.

The perfect time did come when I least expected it about 5 months ago. I went to the shelter with my daughter Haley on a lazy Saturday afternoon. We wanted to visit the dogs and cats and see what else we can say hi too! I figured maybe just maybe if they have a friendly rat maybe we could take one home, since they are such fun pets. But, when we walked in the small animal area I saw a ferret sleeping in her hammock. I thought she was a baby she was so small but she was 4 years old, and cute as pie! I asked to hold her and I fell in love with her just like that. She was so sweet and small and just laid in my arms and hands so calmly.

I was not sure what I was going to do I wanted her, she was perfect but I did not have the stuff nor did I talk to my husband about this. I made my decision to adopt her when I saw another person looking and holding her, I slipped by them and grabbed her card and said she's mine!!!

I brought her home, and boy was my husband surprised!!! But he is just like me and took one look at her and loved her at first site as well. I have dogs names Honey and Sugar so I joined her with her sisters and named her Spice. 

She is such an amazing little friend to have. I let her roam the house when I am home and she will play with her toys, play with the dogs and kids. She loves to cuddle and play and even go on walks!! She is the best and I am so happy you guys had her there for me to fall in love!!!



To the staff at the TCHS:

I wasn't looking for a dog when I was visiting your website the other day. I had 3 dogs already, I would be crazy to take in another! But I happened upon Oakley's picture. and he was adorable! I read a bit about him, and without thinking, I called your place to ask more about him. I went there after work to see him ( that was my only idea..to LOOK at him). He was cute and the idea of him being blind in one eye and having absolutely no teeth (no worries about biting ;)  didn't phase me. I was told he was a frequent flyer at you place, different reasons for being returned and I saw in his eyes how sad and scared he was. He spent so much time being adopted and hoping for a home, only to be given up on and brought back. I can't imagine how he must have felt. Constantly being abandoned. I knew after a short visit with him, that I didn't need a 4th dog...no I didn't need one at all....HE NEEDED ME. I agreed to adopt him, and make him a part of our family. I was told about the 7 day return policy, in my head I knew I would never use it. I was not going to make Oakley go through  being abandoned ever again. We would be his NEW home, his FOREVER home.  I took him home, he was a bit cared ( who could blame him), we introduced him to our other spoiled canine fur babies, after a few sniffs it was official, they accepted him as part of the group. Since being home he has warmed up nicely. He enjoys sitting on our laps and being with us. He LOVES his new fenced in big back yard..plenty of room to run ! ( no more cramped cages!!) He and his other dog family enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I can honestly say that we LOVE Oakley with all our hearts and are so glad ( sounds crazy I know) that all of the previous owners decided to give up on him, because now he is OURS and our family is more complete with him in it. Thank you so much for bringing Oakley and our family together. 




Good afternoon,

It’s been 12 years since I first walked into your facility. My husband and I finally moved into an apartment that would allow pets and my whole life I’ve always had cats until I had to move out of my parents house. I was very anxious to get a cat, so we took our time to look around and we saw a beautiful black cat that we fell in love with. We had to put a hold on her since you had to contact our landlords. We came back the next day only to find out that the landlords require the cat to be declawed. We went out to the car to talk about it and I remember crying because I told my husband that I just couldn’t do that to a cat. He reassured me and told me to go back in by myself to see if there was a cat already declawed. Sniffling and wiping my tears away, I walked back inside. I looked glumly at each cage and then something white behind a litter box caught my eye. She was shaking and afraid. I looked at her kennel card and saw that she was already declawed. I ran back to the car and told my husband. We both came back in and told them that I wanted Katie. I didn’t care what her history was or how old she was, all I knew is that I wanted her.


We completed the adoption and brought her home. The first night was a little rough, but after that she’s been the perfect companion for us. We moved to Colorado 8 years ago and took her with us. We now live in Durango, CO and I’ve been actually working at the local animal shelter for the last 7 years. I’ve adopted another cat(they love each other) and two dogs. For the last 12 years we’ve called her Serj and she was the first pet my husband and I adopted together. She is definitely a part of our happy family. Thank you for all you do!



We recently adopted Opie (now known as Diesel) and he is doing great! He caught on to the new name very quickly and responds to it almost immediately every time. We also have another rescue dog named Jayda who Diesel has become best friends with, they are basically inseparable now. We are so pleased with the manners and abilities of this dog, he knows how to sit, play fetch (bring it back and drop it), and now introduced to shaking. . He also was just introduced to the open lake where him and Jayda enjoy running through it and getting as wet as possible. Also where ever there is mud expect Diesel there he loves to get dirty! He caught on so quick to everything.  Diesel was the perfect fit for our little family, him and Jayda love to run and play with each other, they use pretty much all 30 acres of land we have.

Diesel was unsure of the car when we left the shelter (but did awesome considering the ride he had to sit through, all the way to ND) but now enjoys getting in it and going for a ride. Diesel loves his bath’s too, he loves them so much that we often find him laying in there after we have just recently got out of the shower, we just cant seem to keep him out of there. Diesel has even put on some weight so there is no longer ribs showing, but has replaced it with muscle. He enjoys sleeping right on top of either Cody or I whenever we lay down, but when morning comes and our alarms goes off he’s right there licking us, and ready to play.

two dogs

We now have experienced two rescue dogs and could not be happier! We wouldn’t do it any differently, and we cannot give enough credit to all the shelters out there making a difference.

Thank You Very Much,

Cody, Kaylah, Diesel & Jayda

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