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Dr. Lois E. Harmon
Dr. Lois E. Harmon

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our dear friend and shelter veterinarian, Dr. Lois E. Harmon. Dr. Harmon worked for Tri-County Humane Society as a part-time employee from 1986-1988. She returned after graduating from the University of Minnesota Veterinary School as our shelter veterinarian in February 2005, and has been with us for the past 13 years. During this time, she impacted the lives of over 40,000 animals at Tri-County Humane Society. Her patient guidance and mentoring through the years has touched the lives of countless animal welfare professionals and volunteers that had the pleasure of working with her, and her loss will be felt by many.

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Tri-County Humane Society Executive Director Receives Scholarship
Tri-County Humane Society Executive Director Receives Scholarship

Vicki Davis, CAWA, Executive Director of Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud, will attend the 2017 SAWA Annual Conference in Miami, Florida, this November as a Legacy of Leadership Scholarship recipient.

The 2017 conference topics include the National Council on Pet Population 2017 Research Symposium and Human Factors that Influence Pet Acquisition, Ownership, Retention and Relinquishment.

The leaders of the National Council on Pet Population work to facilitate the collection, evaluation, and communication of reliable information to promote positive human-animal interactions, and reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs. This Research Symposium will feature ten highly esteemed researchers' summary of their completed studies and how the findings may be applied at the shelter or community level.

About Vicki Davis, CAWA
Vicki Davis has served as Executive Director of Tri-County Humane Society since 1984. She holds the certification of CAWA (Certified Animal Welfare Administrator), which is designed to distinguish the knowledge, skills and achievements of high-level managers working in animal welfare and protection; to support best practices within the profession; and to broaden the understanding among those making hiring decisions and the general public of the specialized qualifications required to successfully lead non-profit organizations and governmental agencies dedicated to animal care.

About SAWA
SAWA (Society of Animal Welfare Administrators) is a professional network that develops and promotes industry best practices, cultivates collaboration, and brings out the best in animal welfare leaders. We believe that as leaders in animal welfare, we are accountable to each other, to the communities we serve, and to the collective impact we seek to make as a profession. It is our intention to establish standards of competence, integrity and professionalism by which we will judge our own work, and which, we hope, will identify us as the best in our field.

Chili and Bloody Mary Taste Off! Who got Best In Show?
Chili and Bloody Mary Taste Off! Who got Best In Show?

The 2017 results are in! Best in Show Chili was awarded to Cornerstone Buffet & Restaurant in Sartell and Best in Show Bloody Mary was award to The Red Carpet!
We want to thank everyone who attended our first Annual Bloody Mary and chili cook off benefit for Tri-County Humane Society this past Saturday at The Red Carpet! We raised $1,615 to help animals in need, thanks to the 140 guests who attended this fun event!
A fantastic selection of Chili and Bloody Mary entrees were provided by Red Carpet Martini Lounge​, MC's Dugout​, G-Allen's Restaurant & Sports Bar​, Old Capital Tavern​, House Of Pizza​, Lily's Wings, Burgers & Things​, Olde Brick House​, Cornerstone Buffet & Restaurant​, Cowboy Jack's​ and Howie's Sports Bar and Grill​. We would also like to acknowledge The Place​, who had prepared chili for the contest but unfortunately had to back out at the last minute when their chili tragically hit the floor as they were getting ready to attend our event. (We encourage you to go there and still try it out!)
Following the guest voting period, a judges panel voted on the top two finalists in each category: MC's Dugout and Cornerstone Buffet & Restaurant for chili and Old Capital Tavern and Red Carpet for Bloody Marys. Special thanks to retired Fire Department Chief, Bill Mund, retired St. Cloud Police Department Sergeant, James Feeny, and Cathedral High School President, Mike Mullin for helping us pick the Best in Show!
Visit our Facebook page to see pictures taken at the event, and share your pictures with us!
Special thanks to Rick Gaetz with The Red Carpet for inviting us to partner with them for this fundraiser for Tri-County Humane Society.

Tri-County Humane Society Executive Director Appointed to National Board
Tri-County Humane Society Executive Director Appointed to National Board

Vicki Davis, Executive Director of Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud has accepted a nomination to the Board of Directors of the National Federation of Humane Societies. This group meets typically six times each year, most frequently via conference call with one in-person meeting each year in conjunction with the Annual Membership Meeting and Board Elections. Five Board members are elected each year to serve on a full Board of sixteen members.

Previously Ms. Davis served as a member of the NFHS and worked on the best practices committee. As a board member, she will help to guide the Federation’s direction and focus. She offers the board representation of the smaller shelters, most who don’t have the resources to be “state of the art”, but want to offer “state of the art” care and services for animals.

Active in a variety of regional and national groups, Ms. Davis is also a founding member and serves on the board of MnPAW (Minnesota Partnership in Animal Welfare).

About National Federation of Humane Societies
The NFHS is a trade federation dedicated to representing and advocating for the interests of local animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, rescue groups and animal care and control agencies. The members truly believe this federation for the animal welfare community has tremendous potential to improve animal sheltering and make a real difference in the lives of companion animals.

2 months, 4 teeth, cat gets adopted
2 months, 4 teeth, cat gets adopted

By Amy Bowen • • April 8, 2009
Nearly toothless feline, Tia, had spent 2 months at humane society before couple adopted her.
Wyman and Gloria Nelson dote over their new family member, Tia, on Tuesday in their St. Cloud home. Suffering from dental disease, all but four teeth had to be pulled. Tia spent more than two months in the Tri-County Humane Society. (Kimm Anderson,

After nearly two months in the Tri-County Humane Society, Tia, a nearly toothless cat, was adopted Tuesday.

Her new owners, Wyman and Gloria Nelson of St. Cloud, watched as the black-and-white cat meowed and explored her new pad — a comfortable patio home in St. Cloud.

“She checked out every room and closet,” Wyman Nelson said.

Tia was surrendered to the humane society Feb. 4, said Vicki Davis, executive director. The average wait time between a surrender and adoption is about two weeks, she said. That means Tia saw lots of cats getting adopted during her two months at the shelter, but no one seemed to notice her.
The cat suffered from dental disease, forcing the humane society to seek medical care for Tia. She had all her teeth, except four canines, pulled.

The benefits of a four-toothed cat can be a pretty difficult sell, Davis said. So the humane society profiled the feline in an appeal for donations that was mailed out last week.

“She’s an awesome cat,” Davis said. “She had a very nice personality.”

The Nelsons are supporters of the humane society and were on the lookout for a friendly feline.

They were immediately drawn to Tia, Gloria Nelson said. She seemed like a perfect fit for the retired couple.

Wyman Nelson didn’t realize Tia had been featured in the donation letter, he said.

“I didn’t know it was a poster cat,” Wyman Nelson said. “She was very friendly.”

They picked up their newest addition, took her home and quickly created a list of necessary cat supplies — a scratch pad, toys and a litter box scooper.

Workers at the humane society were ecstatic.

“That made our week,” Davis said. “Everybody is happy.”

Tia’s medical problems don’t faze the Nelsons. They already talked to the vet who performed the dental surgery. Tia will be just fine, the couple said. She doesn’t require special food.

They’re excited to hear her chat at birds outside the window and cuddle up on their laps. Who knows, maybe she’ll even sleep with them.

“Our door will be open,” Wyman Nelson said.

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