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It’s great when pets can take on jobs after their adoptions, whether it be patrolling for mice in a barn or helping keep things in order on the farm. The subject of this adoption story found a different – but cozy – niche. Lorie had a few stays at Tri-County Humane Society. She originally came to us as a puppy with her mom and siblings in late 2019.

This Lab mix was adopted but came back to the shelter about four months later. She was adopted again within a week, by a generous person who likes to make doggie blankets for us.  Lorie’s loved so much she even has stickers made of her. Now that’s proclaiming your love has staying power!

According to her human, Lorie “is full of energy, curiosity, and spends her days roaming the backyard and lounging around. All of that lounging has made her an expert on blankets. No blanket goes to Tri-County without a rigorous and through inspection. Each and every one earns Lorie’s stamp of approval and a certificate with proof of inspection!”

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