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Stella Bean Bun

Most Tri-County Humane Society volunteers love all animals, but some naturally gravitate to specific kinds.  We have our cat people, and our dog people, and yes, even our bunny people! This adoption story is from a TCHS volunteer who is definitely a bunny person – and she is very excited about the latest, fluffy addition to her household.

Sydney (the human) and Stella (the bunny) met while she was volunteering, and she just knew there was something special about her. She’s now known as Stella Bean Bun – extra names because she’s extra sweet. A note from Sydney:

“This little fluff ball is such a sweetheart. Stella now has two cat siblings, and they get along great. Stella has free roam of the apartment and is being litter trained. She is doing very well. She is showing us more of her personality every day.”

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