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Petra, now Piper

This story is about a cat who turned out to be a great mouser – albeit a different type of mouser! Petra, then a 1-year-old cat, came to Tri-County Humane Society through a North Dakota rescue. She was adopted in late April, after about a week at the shelter. Petra is now “Piper,” and it sounds like she is a big fan of mice as well as her new humans!

“Piper loves when we work from home, she likes to sit on our desk and follow around the mouse on the monitor. She heavily favors any toy with a mouse on it, and she is very much a house cat (she gets really nervous any time we try to bring her outside and is very suspicious of grass, haha!). Since day one she has been a snuggler and when she sleeps she wants to have her paws on a human at all times. She always wants to be in whatever room her humans are in. She is one adored cat!”

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