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Adoption Stories

Adoption Stories

We receive wonderful stories of TCHS alumni on a regular basis, and we want to offer our sincere thanks to all who take the time to share them with us. We are invested in each and every pet we care for, and we want the best for them!  This is why we do what we do. Why you give, volunteer, adopt, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Share Your TCHS Adoption Story:  email your story with photos to or message us on our Facebook page for future publication. We love to hear how our alumni are doing!

Percy, now Smiff

To paraphrase the wise scribes Jagger and Richards, you don’t always get what you want – but sometimes you find something even better! This adoption story is about a 5-year-old cat named Percy who came to Tri-County Humane Society in January. One of his new humans said she came to the shelter not wanting a black cat, and that she wanted a female. Well, Percy stole her heart despite being a black-and-white male.

“At the shelter, he was a very friendly and loving cat that I knew I had to take home. … At first, we were worried that he would not fit in with our 2 Labs. But, after a couple of weeks, all of the animals adjusted and became best friends. They now play together all the time and cuddle!”

One of the dogs is a hunting pup named Wesson, so Percy got renamed Smiff (like Smith) so their names coordinate. Of course, Smiff has many nicknames, including Smiffers, Smifferton, Smifferoni, Smiff Smiff, and Smiffy.

“Smiff is still very loving, friendly, talkative, and loves sneaking outside when we aren't watching closely. His beautiful black coat has grown very full since we have had him, but that may be the extra food here and there, too! Smiff has been a great addition to our family, and we cannot wait for more adventures to come!”

“A lie is like a cat: You need to stop it before it gets out the door or it’s really hard to catch.” Charles M. Blow

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