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Velvet, now Harold

Happy Halloween weekend! We have a fun adoption story about a TCHS alum who certainly looks a little spooky (almost like a gargoyle) – but no trick, he’s a treat to live with for his new human.

Now, Tri-County Humane Society takes in plenty of cats, but “Velvet” was definitely different for us. The Sphynx mix, now named Harold (or “Harry” – get it?), is really enjoying the good life.

“He mainly likes snuggling under fuzzy blankets and big comforters,” his new human reports. But while Harold is typically a mellow, cool cat, “the second you bring out toys, he plays harder than any cat or kitten in my house.”

(His favorite toy? “Anything on a string.”)

His new human makes sure to give him plenty of TLC – because he doesn’t have a coat like other cats, he needs weekly baths and frequent moisturizing for his fragile skin. Harold also has a full wardrobe – sweaters, T-shirts, and vests. His human says he’s almost dog-like, he’s so affectionate. And she believes he knows he’s not like the other resident cats. “He knows he’s cool and unique and different – in a good way.”

"When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween."  ~ Unknown

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