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Loreli (from the November 2021 Newsletter)

“I wanted to send an update on Loreli.  I adopted her (recently) and it was rough to say the least.  :)

A staff member in gloves helped me get a growling and hissing Loreli into my carrier.  Fast-forward three days and I'm grinning from ear to ear. Loreli let me pet her today; we then spent an hour with her seeming to make up for a year of missed attention.  Attached (to the left) is a picture of her kneading while I scratched her head.  She rubbed on me and purred and seemed to love every minute of it. I want to thank you for helping get this stray off the streets!  I can't imagine what she experienced in her first year, but thanks to you she'll live warm and comfortably for the rest of her years.”

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