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Warrior, now Morris

This is a weight loss success adoption story. As a cautionary reminder, obesity can be a serious issue in pets. Too often people think showering a pet with treats is showering them with love. Sure, they’re adorable and well-loved no matter their size; however, even a few extra pounds can lead to adverse health effects. So, we are especially impressed that the adopters in today’s story took their TCHS adoptee’s health seriously and helped set him up for success.

When Warrior came into Tri-County Humane Society in late March he was topping the scale at almost 20 pounds! He was adopted in early April, and his new humans report that Warrior, who is now named Morris, is down to a much healthier 15.6 pounds. They’ve been working carefully with Morris’ veterinarian to make sure his weight loss is slow and steady.

“His belly was touching the floor when he walked, but not anymore! Our goal is down to 10 to 12 pounds for the final weight. He is an amazing cat. Very social, good with all ages, and is not afraid of our two dogs at all. Morris quickly showed our dogs that he ‘rules the roost’!”

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