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MashedPotato (now Lilly)

This story about a li'l one whose status went from spud to spunky star of her new home! This is a tale especially appropriate when the shelter is filled with kittens.

A tiny kitten we named Mashed Potato came into the shelter in mid-May as part of an unplanned litter found under a porch. That’s another common theme this time of year!

She was adopted shortly after her arrival, and she’s already doing great in her new home with her new name, Lilly Lou.

“She loves playtime and laps/necks/chests to lay on, and her big brother's tail (much to his irritation).” And it sounds like Lilly Lou came at just the right time for this family: “She really is a bright light in our home and a joy to be around. We had to say goodbye to a very dear part of our family who left us way too soon, and while Lilly can never replace her, she has been an integral part of our healing process.”

A new pet will never replace the former pet, but it’ll be one with whom you can build an entirely new set of memories and experiences. It sounds like Lily Lou is well on her way in creating some fun history with her new family.

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