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Keep Pets Safe During the Fourth of July

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July – but remember, it can be a tough time for pets! Many get stressed by the sounds of fireworks and firecrackers, some so much that they bolt from their homes.

Please remember these safety tips:

* Make sure your pet stays indoors during the holiday. It’s fun to bring dogs to public places, but fireworks won’t be the same experience for them that it is for us. Also, when guests are over, it can be easy for an animal to slip out a door! Keep doors and windows closed.

• Consider a long walk early in the day on the Fourth, so they’re tired at night.

• Make sure your pets have collars with ID tags. Ideally, they would be microchipped, too. (Need a microchip for your pet? See below!)

• Create a safe spot for pets at home. Relaxing music may help soothe animals’ anxieties while the fireworks go off. Also realize that some pets will get destructive around the home due to stress – please keep valuables out of reach and try to “pet-proof” your home during the Fourth.

And – we hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does – if your pet goes missing, please contact TCHS at 320-252-0896 ASAP to make a lost report! The state-mandated stray time is five days, which goes fast – and we don’t have the space to hold animals indefinitely. If they already have a home, we want them back there! 

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