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Humane Education

Why Humane Education?

To prepare our children for life after school, we teach them  reading, writing, history, math, art and science.

In a world facing global issues like pollution, institutionalized animal cruelty, and poverty, the next generation needs to be given instruction on more than just the basics. They need to be taught how they can help make this world a better place for people, animals and the environment. In its broadest sense, humane education fosters compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment, and empowers students by giving them the tools to make more compassionate and informed choices that combat real‐world problems.

Suggested topics for each age group are listed below, although presentations can be tailored to any audience.  

Ages 3‐6  
Lots of Love:  Animals are family members, too   
Minding Your Manners:  Learn the proper way to treat all animals 
R‐E‐S‐P‐O‐N‐S‐I‐B‐I‐L‐I‐T‐Y:  Pets take a lot of work and care  
Pet vs. Wild:  What's the difference?  
Playing Nice, Part One:  Approach a dog  successfully  
Playing Nice, Part Two:  Approach a cat  successfully   

Ages Ages 7‐12
Dogs and Cats 101
Beyond Dogs and Cats: Explore other companion animals
Playing Your Part: Learn how to be an active caregiver to your family's pet
Bite Avoidance: Learn ways to avoid dog and cat bites
Spreading Compassion: Find out ways to be a junior advocate for animals and Tri‐County Humane Society

Ages 12 & Up
Becoming a Volunteer:  Discover how to make a difference in your community
Team TCHS:  Learn how to join Tri‐County Humane Society as a volunteer
Keeping the Pet Population in Check:  Understand the importance of spaying and neutering pets

Tri‐County Humane Society's Humane Education Program includes information that can be targeted and tailored to a variety of age groups and youth from all walks of life. Would you like a particular animal‐related topic covered but don't see it here? Just ask!

For more information on the Tri‐County Humane Society Humane Education Program, contact the Humane Education Coordinator at Tri‐County Humane Society: 320.252.0896

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