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Adoption Stories

We receive wonderful stories of TCHS alumni on a regular basis, and we want to offer our sincere thanks to all who take the time to share them with us. We are invested in each and every pet we care for, and we want the best for them!  THIS is why we do what we do. Why you give, volunteer, adopt, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

2019 Happy "Tails"

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Barrel came to us on October of 2018 as part of a litter that were found as strays.  She was in rough shape; dehydrated, underweight and had a serious injury to her eye.  With medical treatment, surgery to remove her eye and a lot of TLC, she was adopted by her foster family nearly 5 months later.

Baylee came to us in March because her owners realized having a pup was more work than they anticipated. She only spent 2 short days with us before finding her new best friend. This is another example of how, with your help, we’re able to make happiness happen! 

Audio came to us in early January of this year because his previous owner no longer had a home to keep him in. While here, Audio took quite a bit of time to adjust and trust us. He was displaying some guarding behavior in his kennel and was quite unapproachable at first. It took a lot of patience and a little advice from a dog trainer, but Audio was finally cleared for adoption. On February 19th, Audio got a new home and a new name. Here is an update from his new family:

This adoption story comes from Kate Kompas, Volunteer and Events Coordinator at TCHS:

"One of the best things about working at Tri-County Humane Society (TCHS) is that I get to see adoptions happen most days, and sometimes even help write people’s adoption stories to share them with TCHS friends.

From our March 2019 newsletter, another great story that makes you wonder - "Who Rescued Who?"

Zeus came to us last year in August because his previous owners were unable to manage his epilepsy. After some testing and evaluation from our staff veterinarian, we were comfortable finding him a new home to call his own. In all, Zeus was with us for 17 days before hitting the jackpot with his new family. Here’s their update:

Denver came to us in December of 2017 because he didn’t appreciate the company of the dog in his previous home.  He was only with us for 5 short days before finding his new soulmate.  Here’s the update she sent us:

Chunk came to TCHS on January 27th with a transport from a rescue in Tennessee.  He didn't stay with us long.  He found his new family on February 1st!

Kali came to us in January of 2016 because her previous owners lost their home and could no longer care for her.  She spent just over a week with us before finding her new family.  I have attached a photo from her stay at the shelter as well. 

This is a loving tribute to a cat who found his way into his human's life and stayed there for many, many wonderful years. 

Ivie went from kennel kooky to a total cutie in her new home! Ivie came into TCHS in early January because her previous owner moved and couldn’t bring her along.

Kratos came to the shelter at 1.5 years old, he was too high energy for the family to deal with at that time. He was adopted and returned a few days later because he needed more exercise than they could give him.

Willy, a 4 year old Guinea Pig, came to us in December because his previous owner's health no longer afforded them the ability to care for him. 

This is a tale of a dog whose fortunes changed dramatically in a short amount of time.

One of the best parts of Tri-County Humane Society is when staff and volunteers get to see animals transform from shy or scared in their kennels to outgoing and confident in their new homes.

Liam came to us in August as a timid stray.  He spent several weeks in foster care for socialization before landing an awesome new home on December 9th.

Ricky came to us in October with 2 feline friends looking for new homes. This sweet but super shy kitten hid in the back of his kennel for the majority of his stay, making it tough for potential adopters to see his true potential.

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To the staff at the TCHS:

I wasn't looking for a dog when I was visiting your website the other day. I had 3 dogs already, I would be crazy to take in another! But I happened upon Oakley's picture. and he was adorable! I read a bit about him, and without thinking, I called your place to ask more about him. I went there after work to see him ( that was my only LOOK at him). He was cute and the idea of him being blind in one eye and having absolutely no teeth (no worries about biting ;) didn't phase me. I was told he was a frequent flyer at you place, different reasons for being returned and I saw in his eyes how sad and scared he was. He spent so much time being adopted and hoping for a home, only to be given up on and brought back. I can't imagine how he must have felt. Constantly being abandoned. I knew after a short visit with him, that I didn't need a 4th I didn't need one at all....HE NEEDED ME. I agreed to adopt him, and make him a part of our family. I was told about the 7 day return policy, in my head I knew I would never use it. I was not going to make Oakley go through being abandoned ever again. We would be his NEW home, his FOREVER home. I took him home, he was a bit cared ( who could blame him), we introduced him to our other spoiled canine fur babies, after a few sniffs it was official, they accepted him as part of the group. Since being home he has warmed up nicely. He enjoys sitting on our laps and being with us. He LOVES his new fenced in big back yard..plenty of room to run ! ( no more cramped cages!!) He and his other dog family enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I can honestly say that we LOVE Oakley with all our hearts and are so glad ( sounds crazy I know) that all of the previous owners decided to give up on him, because now he is OURS and our family is more complete with him in it. Thank you so much for bringing Oakley and our family together.

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