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Gus and Gabby

It's June and kitten season has started! If this year is like any other, it probably will last until the leaves start to fall! We at TCHS often say that it’s a great idea to adopt kittens in pairs, and no, it’s not just because it helps clear our shelter faster - although that is definitely an advantage! Kittens love having a playmate, and they can entertain each other (and hopefully wear each other out). This adoption story is about two former kittens adopted at the same time who have grown to be very much-loved adult cats. Here’s their story:

“We adopted Gus and Gabby (aka Boots and Bella) in May 2013.  As kittens, they provided lots of laughs and snuggles.  We have enjoyed watching them grow up alongside a puppy that we got the same year.  Even though they are pretty high maintenance cats now (Gus has skin allergies and Gabby has inflammatory bowel disease), we wouldn't have it any other way.  Gabby can have a bit of an attitude, but her beauty makes up for it.  She loves to sit on the top shelf of the cat tree and either nap or just observe what is going on in the house.  Gus is the softest kitty I've ever had and a big help in the office when I'm working.  He also loves to eat and is a big boy weighing in at almost 18 pounds.  They are both experts at napping and I laugh at some of the places I find them hanging out - although on the cupboard is not one of them.  They are now 8 years old and I hope we can enjoy them for many more years.  Thank you, TCHS, for bringing them into our lives and for all that you do for the animals.”

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