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This is a tale of a kitty who became an Instagram star – at least to one woman! Benson, a beautiful 2-year-old cat, came to Tri-County Humane Society in March through the shelter’s contract with the city of St. Cloud. He was adopted about a month later after TCHS posted a video of Benson’s meowing on Instagram – he is a big kitty, but he has the cutest little “kitten” meow. Here’s what his new mom had to say:

“It all started the night his video got posted on Instagram. I immediately fell in love with him! We already knew at that point it was meant to be! I shared the video with my boyfriend, my sister, my mom, and a few friends and I showed him off. After everyone came back to me saying how adorable he was and how perfect he seemed it just felt right. The next day as soon as I got off work I went straight to the TCHS and when I walked in, I fell in love with him! We took him home that day. So many of the staff were happy to see him getting adopted but sad to see him leave. He adapted to our home so well! He immediately began to jump on my lap for cuddles and follow me around the house. He even tried to climb my legs when I was standing because he just wanted to be cuddled. And, don’t get me started on his meow! It is the most purr-fect meow a cat could have! I am so happy we were able to adopt him and add him into our home to love him! Him and our other cat love to play with each other! He is our handsome Benson boy. All the staff at TCHS were SO AMAZING!! Thank you so much for all you do for all the fur babies in your care! You are all rockstars!”

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