2018 Companion Walk

Saturday, September 8th

2018 Companion Walk was a HUGE Success!

TCHS Breaks Record with Companion Walk fundraising!

Walkers, volunteers, exhibitors and, of course, the animals had a radical good time at our 1980’s-themed Companion Walk on September 8th!

After many years of the Woofstock theme, we went “Bark to the Future,” and participants definitely got into the spirit of the new theme. Many walkers sported big, colorful hair and other ’80s-inspired looks; the dogs got in on the action, too, dressing as everything from Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox’s character in “Back to the Future”) to Rainbow Brite.

We had not one but two genuine DeLoreans, as well as a “Meet a Snake” booth, doggie tattoo/nail trim booth, Mantra Salon and Spa’s ’80s hair booth, a massage chair courtesy of Woodland Chiropractic, as well as our favorite activities from years past! Our more than 100 volunteers shined that day, doing everything from grilling to giving out prizes to supervising the silent auction.

We are so excited to announce a net profit of $59,480.18, which is a record for the event!

UPDATE:  Donations received after the event brought the net profit over our goal of $60,000! Thank YOU!

A big THANK YOU to all of you for helping make this a successful event for us.

Next year’s Companion Walk will be Saturday, Sept. 7th, at Wilson Park.

View photos from the Event!

Companion Walk was branded this year as Bark to the Future, a 1980s-themed celebration of the decade the walk began. The event on Sept. 8th at Wilson Park featured food, ’80s music, exhibitors, a silent auction, two DeLoreans (the car from “Back to the Future”), a “meet a snake booth,” doggie tattoo booth, an ’80s hairstyle booth, and much more. The 5K walk also featured a 1K low-impact option intended for families, smaller dogs, and senior dogs.

Thank you to our generous sponsors - below:


RADICAL Sponsors - $2,000

GNARLY Sponsors - $1,000

ADOPT Sponsors - $500

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