Dog vs. Cat ... Whose Team Are You On?

Are you a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

Yes, a rivalry exists between cat lovers and dog lovers, mostly friendly.

Here it is very friendly because Tri-County Humane Society is offering a chance for you to vote with your donation … It is a much-needed opportunity to help build our truly great new shelter opening this fall!

Contact Tauna about:

Multi-year pledges.

Room naming opportunities for donations over $5,000.

Feature YOUR pet with your vote!

All donation votes count, but you can feature YOUR pet's photo with your message on our Dog vs. Cat Gallery when you place a donation vote of $25 or more! 

Your pet's photo and message will be featured on the mosaic artwork in the new building when your donation vote is $50 or more!! 

Processing time is needed to update the Dog vs. Cat Gallery. Check back often to see who is in the lead!

Cat Votes:

Dog Votes:

We have raised $2,220.00 of our goal.



We have raised $2,860.00 of our goal.