* We take Coborn's & Cashwise Pet Points and Labels for Learning. 


For The Animals

*Name Brand* Dry Cat/Kitten/Dog Food
Clay Cat Litter
Rabbit/Guinea Pig Food
Rawhides & Toys & Kongs & Tennis Balls
Ceramic Food Dishes

Canned Dog Food
Cat Toys
Cash Donations for Vet Expenses

*Note: Animals in our care are fed a variety of different brands of pet food, but we make sure that a meat protein source is the first ingredient, and we try to avoid foods with a lot of dye in them.  Thank you for considering the health of our pets when making a donation!


For The Shelter

Toilet Paper / Paper Towels
Liquid Bleach / Clorox Cleaning Wipes
Hot/Cold Water Hoses (100ft. or larger)
Laundry Detergent / Hand Soap
9-Volt Batteries / AAA Batteries

New Roof
Large Plastic Storage Bins
Scrub Tops L - 4XL
Aluminum Cans for Recycling


For Our Current Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

Gift Wrap Paper, Tissue Paper,Bows, Ribbon, Boxes, Tape


For The Office

White/Color Copy Paper (8 1/2 x 11 only)
Stamps (forever & .34cent)
Laminate Sheets
Long Distance Phone Cards, Office Depot/Office Max/Staples Gift Cards
Canned Air, Clorox Cleaning Wipes
Tape (scotch, packing)

You can shop for us on and  Look up Tri-County Humane Society St. Cloud MN and view our wish list.


Specific Volunteer Needs

Off-Site Adoption Volunteers
Basic Maintenance Assistance
Dishes/Laundry Room Helpers
Animal Caregivers at shelter
Vet Tech Students and Pre-Vet Students to assist with surgeries and exams.

Animal Care Givers- Volunteer 2 hours per week or more at the Tri-County Humane Society or PetCo.

Animal Transporters- Drive shelter animals to and from clinics to get spayed or neutered.

Off-Site Adoption Volunteers- Bring animals to PetSmart/PetCo on weekends to help find them homes.

Gift Wrapping Volunteers- Now through Christmas Eve, sign up to help wrap gifts at our fundraising booth near Target in Crossroads Center.  *Sign up online at: or call (320) 252-0896

Foster Homes Needed For:

  • Greatest Need: Foster homes for cats and/or kittens that have upper respiratory infections and are in need of 2-4 weeks of antibiotic treatment
  • Pregnant Animals
  • Orphaned Animals
  • Recovery After Surgery
  • Overflow (during peak periods)
  • Short or Long-term Care



If you have tickets for any upcoming games that you know you will not be using you can donate them to the shelter and we will use them for silent auction items and/or fundraising prizes.



Donate your air miles.  We use them to purchase prizes that are raffled or sold - raising money for the animals at TCHS.



Recycle your empty inkjet cartridges and old cell phones at TCHS!

When you recycle...

We receive funds from Planet Green for every inkjet cartridge or cell phone we send in to be recycled!

When you buy recycled…

At, buy high-quality remanufactured inkjet cartridges and save up to 70% vs. the original brand, AND we receive a 15% donation of every inkjet cartridge you purchase!

Recycle your used toners at TCHS!  We receive store credit at Office Max for recycling old toners, which helps us purchase our office supplies.

  • Recycle your aluminum cans at TCHS! As a nonprofit organization, we receive cash back at a slightly higher rate then the general public, which means more money for the animals!
  • Recycle your vehicle! Cars with Heart™ Vehicle Donation Program makes it easy to donate to your favorite cause.
  • Recycle your gently used pet beds, bath towels, rags, sheets, fleece blankets, and baby blankets (please no pillows, comforters or quilts with filling) for use at the shelter! Recycle your used tennis balls for shelter dogs to play with!


Kuranda Beds



"No Frills" HumaniacTM SCRATCH BRICKS


Scratch Bricks for cats have been around for a long time in various shapes and forms. We have designed our own "no frills" Scratch Bricks to help reduce the stress for confined cats in the shelter. These "bricks" attach securely to cage bars and will encourage cats to perform natural behaviors like scent marking, cleaning their nails and exercising their paws. Most scratch pads are single sided only. ACES Humaniac Scratch Bricks allows for the unit to be turned over, effectively doubling the life of the brick.

Humaniac Cat Castles


The Castle follows the cat from when it enters the shelter all the way to its forever home. Can be purchased as a carrier or a complete unit (as pictured) - perfect for confined cats. Quantity discounts are available on this item.


ACES 1-800-338-ACES(2237)



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