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Found Pets

Found Pets

If you have found a pet, please call us at (320) 252-0896 to see if their owner has called us and filed a lost pet report.  If we do not have a match, we will take your contact information and schedule an appointment to take the pet in if it was found in an area that contracts with us or direct you to the appropriate stray holding facility if it was found in an area that does not.  If possible, do not remove the pet from the site where you have found it until the appropriate animal control officer, sheriff or police department has been contacted.  Some jurisdictions have strict policies on only picking up stray animals from the location they were found.

Local Stray Holding Facilities:

  • Tri-County Humane Society (320) 252-0896

  • Central Minnesota Animal Care & Control (320) 257-0103

  • St. Joseph Vet Clinic (320)363-7917

  • Melrose Vet Clinic 1 (800) 592-8387

  • Princeton Vet Clinic (763) 389-2440

  • Mille Lacs Vet Clinic in Milaca (320) 983-6303

  • A Place Like Home (320) 743-4422

Stray Animal Intake Fee: $50

Minnesota state law requires that stray holding facilities board and advertise stray pets for a minimum of 5 business days to try to locate the pet’s owner.  Tri-County Humane Society charges $50 per stray animal for this service.  Some cities, counties and townships choose to contract with Tri-County Humane Society for strays found in their jurisdiction, and will cover this $50 fee.  Some choose to contract with other stray holding facilities, covering whatever fees those facilities charge.  Unfortunately, there are some cities, counties and townships that have chosen not to help the stray animals found in their jurisdiction, leaving the burden of the stray fee to the individuals who have found the stray pets.  If you find a stray pet in one of these areas, we strongly recommend that you contact the city, county or township officials in the area that you found this stray pet and encourage them to add allowances for stray animals to their annual budget so that stray fees do not fall on the finder.

Found Wildllife

Injured Birds of Prey (612)624-4745

Wildlife Rehabilitators of MN (651)486-9453

Golden Valley H.S. Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release (763)522-4325

Sauk Rapids DNR (320)223-7878

We've found these sites helpful regarding wildlife:

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation 


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