Try Recipe to Remove Skunk Odor

Try this home remedy for removing skunk odor from dogs. 
(This is much more effective than tomato juice.)

Mix together the following:
1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 teaspoon liquid soap

Soak the dog with water and then work the solution into a thick lather on the dog.  Leave lather on for 3 - 5 minutes and then rinse off.  
(Make certain you don't get any solution in the dog's eyes.) 
Do not try to store the mixture in a closed container.

Cold Weather Tips


We prefer that pets live comfortably in the home with their people rather than outdoors year-round, but on extremely cold days or nights, it really is necessary!  Minnesota winters are simply too harsh for even the most well-equipped breeds.  Please follow these tips to help your pet remain safe, comfortable and happy:

  • Bring pets inside when the temperature is below freezing.
  • Dogs with well-insulated doghouses should be brought inside when the temperature drops below 5 degrees.
  • Hay can be used as an insulator.  Do not use blankets as they can get wet and freeze.
  • Doghouses must be large enough to allow the dog to sit and lie down comfortable but small enough to hold in body heat.  The floor should be raised off the ground and doorway should be covered with waterproof burlap or heavy plastic.
  • Doorways to doghouses should be facing away from the wind.
  • When outside, make sure your pet has the proper shelter and fresh water.  Don't let their water freeze!
  • Staying warm in the winter requires extra calories, so adjust your pet's diet accordingly.
  • Thoroughly wipe off your dog's legs and stomach when they come in out of the rain, snow or ice.  Salt, antifreeze or other chemicals could irritate their paws or harm your dog if ingested.
  • Animals like the sweet taste of antifreeze, and just a few sips can kill your pet.  Store antifreeze containers away from pets and promptly clean up any spills. Seek medical help if you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze.
  • Remember, if it is cold for you, it is cold for your pet!  Some pets may even require a warm sweater for quick potty breaks or walks.

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