*Must be 18 years or older.

Looking for a job you really like and feel good about?  Want to work in a compassionate and friendly environment?  If you enjoy working with animals and people, this could be the job for you!  If you are a college student, TCHS participates in most local work-study programs and has flexible scheduling as your class schedule changes.

Full time positions have a benefit package that contains vacation, sick leave, wellness time, personal days, health insurance, and much more.  The biggest benefit of all is knowing you have made a difference in the lives of many animals and people at the end of your work day.  Who can put a price on that?

We continually collect applications for the basic part time shelter worker position and only contact people when there is a job opening.

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*Must be 14 years or older to volunteer on your own, or as young as 10 years to volunteer with an adult.

Volunteers are essential to everything we do.  Shelter volunteers provide hands-on animal care such as grooming, exercising, socializing and keeping the animals company while they wait for their new homes.  In addition, volunteers assist with kennel cleaning, general housekeeping and assisting customers.  Other volunteer opportunities include off-site adoption events, animal photography, office work/data entry, yard work, building maintenance, newsletter mailings, fundraising events, humane education and pet visits at schools and daycares, senior care pet therapy visits, veterinary medicine, and the Board of Directors.  Wherever your talents lie, TCHS welcomes you!

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The Tri-County Humane Society receives approximately 4,000 pets each year, many of which are not able to be adopted out immediately.  In 2013, a total of 802 pets needed foster care, and in 2014 that number increased to 1,250!  To keep up with the growing demand, we are looking for additional foster homes for pets in need.  Please consider opening up your hearts and homes to animals in need this year.

Foster Homes Needed For:

  • Pregnant Animals
  • Orphaned Animals
  • Injured/Sick Animals
  • Behavior Modification
  • Overflow (during peak periods)

Greatest Need: Foster homes for cats and/or kittens that have upper respiratory infections and are in need of 2 - 4 weeks of antibiotic treatment.

We Provide: All pet supplies, medication, de-wormer, vaccinations and veterinary care (although donations are welcome!)

You Provide: TLC and a comfortable environment for pets to thrive.

For more information, please call Andrea at (320) 252-0896 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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