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Our Wish List

Online Shopping Sites with Registered Wish Lists for Tri-County Humane Society

Note: If you shop online with, try instead! It is the same Amazon you know and love, but they will donate 5% of your total purchases to your favorite charity, which would be us, right?  Helpful Hint: Don't forget the hyphen between Tri-County Humane Society when choosing our shelter!

For The Shelter

  • Gift Cards To: Mills Fleet Farm, Menards, Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart
  • Digital Camera with Video Capacity
  • New Laptop (call for specifics: 320.252.0896)
  • Stamps (Forever & Post Card)
  • Coborn's & Cashwise Pet Points and Labels for Learning!  (These points DO NOT expire, regardless of dates printed on them.)

For The Animals

  • New Shelter!
  • $$$ for Vet Expenses
  • Dry Kitten Food**
  • Dry Cat / Dog Food**
  • Canned Dog / Cat Food
  • Rabbit / Guinea Pig Food
  • Timothy Hay
  • Clay Cat Litter

**Note: Animals in our care are fed a variety of different brands of pet food, but we make sure that a meat protein source is the first ingredient, and we try to avoid foods with a lot of dye in them. Thank you for considering the health of our pets when making a donation!

For Fundraising Events

  • Pro Sports Game Tickets (If you have season tickets and know you won't be using some, consider donating them to us!)
  • Airline Miles
  • Time Share Vacation
  • Concert Tickets
  • Gift Certificates / Gift Cards to Local Businesses
  • Handmade Quilts

Specific Volunteer Needs

  • Humane Education Volunteers: Volunteer as a tour guide or birthday party host to help educate the public on humane animal care.
  • Animal Transporters: Drive shelter animals to and from clinics to get spayed or neutered or to offsite adoption habitats.
  • Off-Site Adoption Volunteers: Bring animals to PetSmart/Petco on weekends to help find them homes.
  • Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Biology/Medical Students & Professionals: Perform or assist with surgeries.
  • Retail & Front Desk Support: Volunteer in the shelter's store and support front desk staff as needed.
  • Special Skills: Assist with administration, customer service, marketing/sales, or education. All talents and skills are valuable!

Foster Homes Needed For:

  • Pregnant Animals
  • Orphaned Animals
  • Injured/Sick Animal
  • Greatest Need: Foster homes for cats and/or kittens that have upper respiratory infections and are in need of a few weeks of antibiotic treatment.
  • More Foster Care Information

Our Impact in 2016:

  • Animals Adopted


  • Overall Placement Rate


  • Animals Fostered


  • Animals Spayed/Neutered


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