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Our Wish List

Amazon Wish Lists

Animal Needs

Shelter Needs

Note: If you shop online with, try instead! It is the same Amazon you know and love, but they will donate 5% of your total purchases to your favorite charity, which would be us, right?  Helpful Hint: Don't forget the hyphen between Tri-County Humane Society when choosing our shelter!

For The Animals

· A new shelter!

· Homes!

· $$$ for vet expenses

· Clay, non-clumping cat litter

· Dry kitten food**

· Dry cat food**

· Weiss Walkies

**Food Note: We try to make sure that a meat protein source is the first ingredient in the food we feed our shelter pets, and we avoid food with a lot of dye in it.  Thank you for considering the health of our pets.

Homes for Barn Cats

On occasion, we receive cats that would not make good indoor pets.  These cats still have claws, are spayed or neutered, and are given a rabies vaccination. Call us at (320) 252-0896 to see if we have any available or to be put on a waiting list. *Name your own adoption price for all barn cats.

For The Shelter

· Gift cards to local businesses for pet/office/shelter supplies

· Laundry detergent

· Dish/hand soap

· Hot/cold water hoses

· Large storage totes

· Toilet paper

· Paper towels

· 2XL—4XL scrub tops

Volunteer Needs

· Pet foster homes

· Behind-the-scenes cat enrichment helpers

· Animal transporters

· Surgery assistants (18+ years)

· Birthday party hosts/hostesses

· Gift wrappers!  We need volunteers to help with our gift wrapping booth at Crossroads Center on December 9-24!  Sign up online here.

For The Office

· Postage stamps (Forever and post card)

· Canned air

· White/color copy paper

· Scotch brand thermal laminating pouches

· Pink & blue highlighters

· Clorox cleaning wipes

· Batteries (9-Volt, AAA, AA)

· Tape (all types)

Recycled Items for $$

· Aluminum cans

· Used cell phones

· Used ink cartridges

· Small electronics


· Milk Moola

· Paw Points from Fresh Step cat litter


Our Impact in 2017:

  • Animals Adopted


  • Animals Fostered
  • Animals Spayed/Neutered


  • Spay/Neuter Clinics Hosted


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