Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are to have Lela join our lives. She is such a wonderful baby (yet she is 2). She is such a lover. She came to us very under weight, but has gained 4 ounces to the amazement of our vet. Lela has come so far in trusting people. She has learned to play again as cats should.  She will never worry again about any needs or wants she may have. We say the word YUM YUM and she darts to her dish. so precious. Lela has filled a void in my life and I will cherish her always. Thank you TCHS. But a special thank you to Mae, you will never know how special you made me feel as I was getting Lela ready to come to her new home. Special people touch your heart.

HH and TW



Tri-county humane society,
When I lost my cat about a year ago I never thought that I'd be able to love another cat as much as him.  My boyfriend and I were at the Waite Park Petco in March months ago. We were on the way out when, I decided we needed to take a quick peek at the cats. We walked up to the cages and I bent down to pet one of the cats in the bottom section of the cage. As I stood up I came face to face with a big grey cat that had his paws stretched through the bars and had placed them on my shoulder. In that moment I knew he was meant to be my cat. His name is Axel, he came to you all as a stray. My boyfriend is a veteran and because of the deal going on we took him home as soon as we could. Finding him finally helped me to be able to move on from the death of my first cat. He is a wonderful, loving, playful boy and one of the best parts of my life. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.We love you all!

Sincerely, Ali & Axel
I attached a couple pics of the gorgeous boy.



Thank you to all who work and volunteer at tchs.

This past April I adopted a dog, you had named him Wayne, I call him Jake.  I have been training him to be a service dog for me. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful, and smart this dog is. He has 4 housemates of the feline persuasion. Some times they tease him unmercifully. Jake has his kennel in between a couple of chairs. The cats were behind the chairs and Jake was trying to get one of them out in the open. Finally Jake went into his kennel. The cats figured “He’s in the cage he can’t get us.” When the cats got even with the kennel, on there way to the kitchen Jake came flying out of the kennel. (Jake is not allowed in the kitchen, so the chase ended at the kitchen door.) Jake has learned to pick up things if I drop them, Everything from gloves to water bottles. Sometimes if I get down on my knees I have trouble getting up, Jake has learned to stand very still so I can use him to pull myself up. My mail is delivered through a slot in the door, Jake picks it up and brings to me. I have been going to the farmers market this year with baked goods, Jake goes with me. He loves all the attention he gets, he is especially happy with the little kids.
WayneJake at the farmers market


To the wonderful staff of the Tri County Humane Society,

I just wanted to give you guys another update on Stanley, the cutest German wire haired pointer you ever did see. We've had Stanley for 1 year and 2 months and I'm happy to report that things are going very well. Stanley is healthy and has even put on a little weight. Not too worry though he is still very much the active dog we were warned he would be (and we love it).

I'm also happy to report that 6 months ago our little family made a big move. Both "Mama" and "Papa" got new jobs in the Stillwater/St. Paul area. Thus the apartment life is no more! We now have a house with a marina in our back yard and a big park just up the road with tons of trails that Stanley loves to explore. The other great thing about the neighborhood is all the new puppy friends Stanley has made.

Stanley has definitely come a long way from the shy, skittish dog he once was. He's still a little slow to warm up to new people (understandable given that he was a stray for quite some time), but with a lot of love and patience he has learned to trust. He loves his humans and always sticks close. Hard to imagine we once had to leash him for fear that he would bolt. He also enjoys Grandma's 20 acres almost every weekend (hard to say no to those big brown eyes).

On a side note. Stanley became a big brother back in April to a now 9 month old, Great Dane/Australian Shepherd mix, named Marley (formerly known as Lucky to the TCHS staff). When Grandma saw how great Stanley was she decided that the time was right to give another pup a 2nd chance and what better place to start with than the Tri County Humane Society of St. Cloud. Both boys are thriving and at times spoiled rotten. They both love riding in the golf cart around the farm. Marley aka Marley Mar has adjusted wonderfully to his new home with the help of his feline companions Casper, Simba, and Tootsie. He loves his chewies, squeaky toys, and keeping his humans warm at night.


On the behalf of Stanley, Marley and every other pup out there I would like to thank you for dedication and all that you do for your animals. Sheltering and finding homes for our four legged friends' is something truly incredible. You all deserve to take time and give yourselves a good pat on the back. Please know that your work within the community does not go unnoticed!!!

Thank you so much,

Laura, Nate, Stanley, Sharon, Marley, and "Uncle" Dave


Hi Tri County Staff

I wanted to Write you guys and give you A little Update on Ruger, its Almost been 7 days (on Sunday it will be.) Everything is going well since I last called you on Tuesday when we had a few worries about him and our cat. Ruger and Domo-Kun are getting along well now, we haven't hand any growling or hissing issues since the 1st time when i corrected Ruger.

Ruger is a sweet heart, hes really good with the kids. Ruger seems to like dress up, which is great because the kids love to put glasses and things on him, he just walks around with them until they fall off.


He was very well behaved the 1st time we left him home for a few hours alone, the second time he got into A few homemade dog cookies, but that was totally my fault, I had them placed in a area that was to low, and easy for him to grab at .To tempting for him I think.It wasn't enough to get him sick.

He did good at the dog park, hes very easy going on walks, he did good about walking past other dogs on the sidewalk without a problem, hes not much of a puller, he slower at walking then me for the most part, he only pulls when hes smelling something. He has met are Grandmas smaller dogs, and he did good with them.

Also I do rub and message his hips, legs and shoulders every night, and he really seem to like that. In his old age and the fact that to get in and out of the house you have to use stairs I thought it would be good for him. He really seems to like it.

We Didn't change his name, we only gave him a few nicknames, do to the fact that we know hes been through a lot, and has had so many changes placed on him in the past year, and also for the fact that hes 10. It did not seem fair to change his name. We call him Ruger, Or Ru bear, Or Pooh bear, and the kids call him Ogre because they can't say the Ru in Ruger.

I was going to post a update on your facebook page, as i know there was a lot of people that where hoping and praying he would find a home, But I didn't want to reveal my name to the owner before. You guys are more then welcome to tell everyone how hes doing. I just didn't want to post with my name, and make any problems or stress for my self or my family. As I don't know the full story behind the last owner, and if what i read on there is true. I don't know how he would act if I posted with my name.

Thank so much. Much love

April,Justin,Charlie, Zoey, Domo-Kun and Ruger.

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