I am SO IN LOVE!!!!!  Kuma rode all the way home on my lap with McGee.  He is the sweetest, most loving little boy.  I talked the whole way and he was sooooo good.   He has already explored the backyard with Wallee and Mavericks help.  McGee needed some "hold ME" time with momma. Maverick and Wallee are so super gentle with Kuma.  He figured out where his water bowl is in the kitchen and is currently sleeping at me feet on one of his wag bags.  I guess it's been a big day so far.   I've made a grooming appointment for him and Mave on the 26th so he will look and feel so much better when we see you in 2 weeks.  I can not thank you enough for letting me foster/adopt this wonderful little bundle.  He doesn't seem to respond to Kuma, and Yoda doesn't fit so when he wakes up I have a What to Name Your Dog book to read to him and see if I get any response from him on some names.
I will give you updates often.  Please know he is going to be super spoiled.  I think McGee figured it out on the way home that Kuma was family now.  He tried snapping when I was putting Kuma in my car but backed off when he got scolded.  He climbed on my lap shortly after we left and gave me the look like "I will learn to share".  Pretty cute.


Kuma sleeping in one of his wag bags with his soft blanket snuggled in.  He  snores!!!!  It's so cute!

Have a great day, thanks a million.  I love the little man.
Suzie, McGee, Wallee, Maverick and currently called Kuma

Windsor & Tucker


In March of 2012, we lost our 14-year old beloved dog to cancer.  A week later, we pulled ourselves out of bed and visited your shelter hoping to find some joy and to save another homeless dog.   We adopted a yellow-lab mix whom we named "Windsor".  (His name was previously "Willis").   He was surrendered a day or two before by his family who could no longer care for him.  Windsor is now approx 2.5 years old and doing wonderfully.  We love him so much!

Later that year in September, we lost our other 14-year old dog to cancer.  It was a rough year!!  We visited your shelter again and adopted a black lab mix who came in as a stray.  You named him "Buddy".  We changed it to Tucker!  Tucker is now almost 2.5 years old.

Tucker and Windsor love to run in our yard and play in the grass and snow.  They enjoy eating my strawberries in raspberries in the summer, too.  We put in underground fencing last spring around 3 acres, and the dogs do amazing with it.

They get the best of everything!  Including chiropractic care twice a year, organic, raw food along with healthy kibble and some organic coconut oil to boot (which they love).  They sleep on our bed or the couch at night and are happy, bouncy labrador boys!

They enjoy playing with our cats, Penny & Tilly (who were adopted from another humane society a few years back.)

windsor  tucker

Please feel free to post this message & pictures on your facebook page and/or in your volunteer newsletter.  It's nice for volunteers and fans of yours to see follow-up pictures and stories about the amazing work you guys do.

Thank you so much for helping us find love again and a new "leash" on life!!  Tucker and Windsor (and Penny and Tilly) bring us immense joy!

Kind regards,

Brad & Molly



Thank you for wondering about Shelly.  I can't  believe our first week with her has almost gone by!  She is absolutely wonderful. For first time dog owners she is a dream!  We fell in love with her calm and sweet demeanor.  Although now that she knows she is home, I think she is very comfortable and testing her boundaries, like any good puppy!  She has a lot of humans who love her and play with her including two kids (11 and 7 years).  She loves to go outside despite the bitter cold.  She gets lots of chewing time on bones and new toys.  We renamed her Shanti because she was from India.  The name is a Sanskrit mantra meaning peace, tranquility and bliss.  I am so grateful for the all the compassionate and generous people it took to get her to us all the way from India.  Namely Heather Bruhn-Worm, I hope she knows her efforts were above and beyond!

 I met and put a deposit down on Shelly a few days before the newspaper article and video came out, by then I was sure someone was going to adopt her.  I could not get her sweetness out of my mind so I called you guys the following week and was amazed she was still available.  After another deposit  I was not letting her go.  I'm so happy we were meant to be her family.


Reunited with Pepper

Dear Tri-County Humane Society,

My family has always adopted our pets from the Humane Society. We have had many that we have comforted into our home. Unfortunately, about five years ago, we did have to re-home two of our cats to a new loving family due to an unexpected move. The brother and sister pair (Pepper and Sergio) were sadly missed as time went on.

Our three girls love to visit the Humane Society to see and pet the animals. Mostly the kittens get the attention. We made a visit about a month ago. As the girls were admiring their furry friends, I was checking out the older senior cats. I came across Pepper...this was MY old Pepper!! I could not believe it. She was hiding in her litter box, so scared of the situation and all the noise. We made eye contact and I immediately knew it was meant to be.

The following day, we had Pepper home once again. She has gotten along great with our other animals and acts as though she had never left! We are so grateful to have her home once again.

These are pictures of my daughter Paige. The first is of her about five years ago holding Pepper. The second was of her the other day petting Pepper.

Pepper old    Pepper new

Thank you so much for all that you do Tri-County!!

Miranda, Ryan, Paige, Emma, Lexi, Odie, Oscar, Vinnie, JoJo, and Pepper J


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