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Woofstock Companion Walk

2017 Peace Sponsors:

2017 Love Sponsor:

29th Annual Woofstock Companion Walk raised a net-profit of $50,228!  Thank you to the over 575 people and 225 pets who joined us this year to support TCHS and celebrate the loving bond between humans and animals! 

2017 Photo Album 

Our heroes of the day - thank you for raising funds with us!

$9,219.45 Vicki Davis

$1,660.00 Emily Bezdicek

$1,364.00 Jerry Kenning

$1,280.00 Colleen DeGroat

$1,210.00 Jan Hovda

$727.00 McKenna & Macy Welk

$700.00 Kristi & Dan Bergin

$630.00 Kari Cedergren

$570.00 Melody Moore

$520.00 Kim Lutz

$510.00 Dorein Johnson

$500.00 Eileen & Annika Dauer

$470.00 Kris Stewart

$435.00 Tracey Worzala

$410.00 Angie Koshiol

$400.00 Kathy Huben

$400.00 Janice Ressemann

$385.00 Claire & Ted Hotvet

$334.00 Keller-Wright Family

$330.00 Heather Fahnhorst

$330.00 Rose Hegerle

$330.00 Sue Kadlec

$320.00 Linnea Lang

$302.00 Heather Swanson & Brigit Wuolle

 $300.00 Cindy Tepley & Lilly & Helena Kutz

$300.00 Chris Newman & Mike Romanski

$300.00 Moya Wang

$290.00 Peggy Murphy

$280.00 Ron Brandenburg

$276.50 Connie Roberts

$260.00 Lexi Noble

$250.00 Ryan Waring

$235.00 Deanna White

$226.00 Peggy Dinndorf

$205.00 Deb Metcalf

$200.00 Kelly Hanke & Rhea Stephens

$200.00 Amy Studanski

$177.00 Tom & Katie Longfield

$175.00 Melanie Ashfeld

$170.00 Dana Ferry

$160.00 Judy Vosen

$150.00 Bambi, Cameron & Olivia Holloway

$150.00 Audrey Schepper

$150.00 Doug & Sharon Schmid

$150.00 Kim Weikert & Amber Gave

$145.00 Ciera Davis

$134.00 Brenda Mayer

$130.00 Angie Trulson

$130.00 Gwen & Jeff Cloutier

$129.00 Mary Wenker

$125.00 Tashia Maland & Eugene Clark

$125.00 Ida Wade

$125.00 Nancy Johnson

$118.00 Marit Ortega

$110.00 Jan Madsen

$110.00 Kandy Hochstedler

$110.00 Kendall Stiles & James N.

$105.00 Katrina Crouse

$100.00 Brady duMonceaux

$100.00 Ryan & Grace Boatz

$100.00 Jason Hallonquist

$100.00 Aaron Josephs & Ella Doeden

$100.00 Hailee Kempert

$100.00 Alicia, Kyle, Brody & Kennedy Mages

$100.00 Stacy Olson

$100.00 Cindy Schultz

$85.00 Rayni Haugen

$80.00 Haley & Jenna Abel & Caleb Jones

$78.00 Colleen Jeffrey

$75.00 Becky Coulter

$75.00 Hannah Van Derveer

$72.00 Tammy Pintok

$70.00 Emily & Kate Holt

$70.00 Laurel Malikowski

$60.00 Brad Babcock

$60.00 Kendra Berg

$60.00 Linda Dirks

$60.00 Joel Miron

$60.00 Niesha Olson

$60.00 Denise Schaefer

$55.00 Grace & Audrey


$53.00 Layne Schmitz

$51.00 Diane Miller

$50.00 Becca Dezurik

$50.00 Cheyenne Sprague

$50.00 Roger Olson

$50.00 Judy Polipnick

$50.00 Diane Deters & Judy Wesenberg

$50.00 Jody Wheeler

$50.00 Scott & Lisa Mattson

$50.00 Jason Barkley & Nichole Tilton

$50.00 Avianna Bishop

$50.00 Mark & Kim Hoff

$50.00 Beckie Spence

$50.00 Thomas Mayers

$50.00 Tracy Mayers

$50.00 Jennifer Ness

$50.00 Kaety Rainer

$50.00 Kim Redetzke

$50.00 Aryn Sand

$50.00 Oliva Schwitalla

$50.00 Aimee Spielman

$50.00 Jenna Tonneslan

$50.00 Megan McNair

$50.00 Sharon Welke

$50.00 Nerissa Nguyen

$40.00 Carley & Cathy Bates

$40.00 Melissa & Brady

$35.00 Barb & Chuck Seefeldt

$35.00 Sarah Solinger

$30.00 Viv & Kristen Kloskin

$30.00 Brooke Strassburg

$25.00 Courtney Bergeson

$25.00 Chris Bernard

$25.00 Nathan & Hilary Brezinka

$25.00 Julie & Maya Herbst

$25.00 Betty & Jim Schmidt

$25.00 Crescence Valentine

$25.00 Sara Johnson

$20.00 Christa Althaus

$20.00 Nikoas Berger

$20.00 Tracy Beyer

$20.00 Dalton Calfas & Maddie Hansen

$20.00 Emma & Christina Gustafson

$20.00 Leslie Lemke

$20.00 Kristi Merdan

$20.00 Holly Murphy

$20.00 Diane Weigle

$20.00 Lynn Parker

$15.00 Tabitha Wood

$5.00 Dannica Peterson

$3.00 Jill Herr

*Prize packages awarded to top 20 fundraisers (excluding TCHS employees), and top fundraising team: Team M & M.


About A Dog Photography

Advanced Care Pet Hospital

Canine Agility of Central MN

Capital One Café

Central MN Therapy Animal Association

Companions Animal Hospital

Faraway Farm Handcrafted Soap

Hands Healing Hounds

Health Source Chiropractic

HH Chrome for a Cause

Life's Abundance -

Lifevantage - Petandim

Mix 94.9

Pine Cone Pet Hospital

Pro Staff

Prodigy Pups Dog Training

Sam & Danni’s Pet Resort & Spa, Inc.

United Doberman Rescue & Canine Castaways

Wags On Wheels

*Special thanks to all who gave monetary gifts, prizes, and silent auction items to help make Woofstock a success!


Anytime Fitness

Bernatello's pizza

Bo Diddley's

Bonanza Family Restaurant

Burger King

Canine Agility of Central MN

Capital Genealogy

Caribou Coffee

Casey's General Store

Casey's General Stores, Inc


Coborn's, Inc.

Companions Animal Hospital

Country Gallery

Coyote Moon

Dairy Queen

Denise Brigham

Dog's Inn

Dorein Johnson

Dr. Lois Harmon

Eklektik Kollektibles

Espana Silk

Faraway Farm Handcrafted Soap

Finken Water Centers

Gary's Pizza

Greg & Liz Murray

Guy Schafer

Harley-Davidson Donohue

HH Chrome for a Cause

Holiday Gas Station

Holiday Inn & Water Park

Invisible Fence of Central MN

Jill Ressemann

Julie Wood

Ken Plachecki

Kloster Commercial Resources

LaCasita Mexican Restaurant

Life's Abundance -

Manea's Meats


Mel Merdan

Mexican Village

Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery

Mix 94.9

NC's Doghouse

Olive Garden

Papa Murphy's

Peggy Heying

Pine Cone Pet Hospital

Sam & Dannis Pet Resort & Spa, Inc.

Sam's Club

Scott Severson

SCSU Husky Hockey

Shelley Dressen

Sherry Roth

Shirley Fiala

Skatin Place

Sondra Beuning

St. Cloud Area Family Y

St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls

St. Cloud Area Subway Stores

St. Cloud State University

Stacy Lease


Strategic Equipment

Sue Wahl Storbeck

Target Crossroads

The Boot Shack

Veranda/Pioneer Place

White Castle

The Tri-County Humane Society’s Annual 5k walk for animals is held the first Saturday after Labor Day in September each year at Wilson Park in St. Cloud.

This event draws hundreds of people and their pets every year. As one of our larger fundraisers, Woofstock walkers raise a substantial amount of money for the animals in our care!

Why the Woofstock 5k Companion Walk is Important

Each year, the Society provides services for over 3,000 animals.  Each pet is evaluated, examined, given appropriate vaccinations and dewormings, spayed/neutered, treated for ailments and injuries as needed, and given lots of TLC. There is no time limit for pets in our care, and provided they pass our health and behavior screening, they will remain in our care as long as necessary to find the perfect match.  On average, pets are adopted in less than ten days, and in 2016, we placed 96% of the pets that entered our doors in homes—amazing for an open-admission animal shelter!

This fundraising event is vital for us to continue providing these important services to pets in need. It is also a really good opportunity for pet-lovers to unite and celebrate the human-animal bond!

Event Coordinator:

Marit Ortega
TCHS Director of Philanthropy
(320) 252-0896 ext. 28

Take a Look Back at Past Events:

Our Impact in 2016:

  • Animals Adopted


  • Overall Placement Rate


  • Animals Fostered


  • Animals Spayed/Neutered


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